I’ve been about helping people for as long as I can remember. I didn’t make my way to Mississippi from another state. I’ve been a Mississippian all my life and grew up in small-town Mississippi where hard work wasn’t a decision, it was expected.

I recall waking up at 4 am before getting on the school bus, helping my mother and father get started with a day that involved opening our family convenience store to other hard-working Mississippi families. I saw everyday people trying to make it to the next day motivated by family and faith.

My story is unique but like most, it is a story of dedication, perseverance, and realization. My narrative of helping people didn’t just start this election cycle. The notion of helping people was one of the many reasons why I decided to step into the race for Senate District 8. I have been involved in the world of politics all my life from promoting civic engagement to working with aspiring candidates. I continue to stay actively involved because Mississippians deserve an individual that will be in touch and fight for all that makes Mississippi unique which includes all backgrounds young and old. I worked hard even while in law school to ensure I stayed connected with my community.

What makes this chapter of my life different is that I am on the ballot this time. After I have consulted with local leaders, supporters, and my family, it is clear to me I made the right decision to step into this race.

I feel that I’m the right person for this job because I know I will put my entire heart into helping Mississippi families. My public policy and legal background will allow me to visualize the needs of all Mississippi communities. I will not be a silent figure but will be a powerful and vocal voice for families in Jackson because as an attorney, I know what it is like to work days that go past the sunset to ensure that those that depend on me are taken care of and represented to the best of my ability. That is a notion that I will never take lightly.

I’m motivated day in and day and day out by families across Mississippi because I know that we can build an even better Mississippi one where anyone can be the limit to their own aspirations. Being frank, it places a smile on my face and creates a burning motivation for me to know that Mississippi is on the path and is ready for something new and something different.. I’m ready to bring that to the table. I’m ready to build Mississippi through economic development and growth. I’m ready to advocate for infrastructure that corrects our roads and bridges. I’m ready to ensure our we foster an education system that provides our children every opportunity to succeed.

Education was not only mentioned it was embedded in my journey. I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries and meet amazing people through education and opportunity. I’m talking about opportunities that shouldn’t only be realized by a few but should but known and experienced by many. I want to share my vision for an even better Mississippi, but this vision has always and will be forever only possible with your help.

Now, more than ever, we need people who truly understand the problems we face in Mississippi participating in our state’s future over the next 4 years. Let’s Build Bridges for An Even Better Mississippi!

As our Senator Kegan will: 

  • Strongly Advocate For Supporting our Students and Teachers in achieving academic excellence.
  • Advocate for Rebuilding Infrastructure in our district that provides safety to our roads and bridges.
  • Promote Economic Growth and Development for our district.
  • Advocate for Better Technology in our classrooms.
  • Advocate for our State’s Education Enhancement Fund to be used for K-12 education as well as pre-K programs.
  • Advocate for High-Speed Broadband across the District including our rural areas.
  • Work to Ensure our Mississippi Farm Families have access to benefits to be sustainable.
  • Work with our Veterans to ensure access to benefits and job placement.
  • Promote and Create Organized and Collective Projects to bring our communities closer together.
  • Advocate for Quality Healthcare across our district, rural areas, and our state.
District 8 Includes: 

Calhoun, Chickasaw, Yalobusha, Pontotoc, and Lee


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