Every child deserves access to the highest quality of education. 

Kegan is a product of public education within the state of Mississippi. He knows more than anyone what issues impact our Mississippi Schools especially rural Mississippi. We must continue the fight for an education system that is inclusive of Mississippi’s brightest stars, our children!

As Your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Fully Funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP).
  • Building our communities through summer programs for our children.
  • Better Technology in our Classrooms.
  • Advocating for our State’s Education Enhancement Fund to be used for K-12 education and scholarships as well as pre-K programs.
  • Advocating for better connection between our educators and parents.
  • Advancing programs that acquire the best educators for our state.
  • Continuing the fight to increase teacher pay raises.
  • Making sure and creating laws that support the MAEP.


We can’t build our state without tools, that includes building roads and bridges that secure our communities, children, and livelihood.

It goes without saying that we have to fix our crumbling roads and bridges. Mississippi closed approximately 20% of its bridges in 2018.

As your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Creating a task force to examine our roads and bridges.
  • Advocating to connect our emergency service and law enforcement with the most up to date information about our current roads and bridges.
  • Advocating for High Speed Internet across our district.
  • Advocating for roads and bridges to be repaired across District 8 including our rural areas.


Our communities depend on quality healthcare everyday. 

Mississippi has had at least five hospital closing since 2010 in our rural areas. The more inaction, the more lives we place into jeopardy.

As  your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Advocating for quality healthcare across our district.
  • Building infrastructure for our emergency service providers and law enforcement to safely traverse and quickly respond.
  • Allocating resources to our rural hospitals.
  • Promoting and securing rural hospitals.
  • Improving the Ambulance Service in District 8.


We are better when we work together and it starts with our communities.

Communities are built on trust, security, and people. To build our communities we must be organized.

As  your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Advocating for summer programs that promote wholesome and fun activity for our Mississippi youth.
  • Promoting and securing grants that provide activities for our Mississippi youth.


In an era of modernization we must find new and creative ways to grow our district and state.

We must combine our education and infrastructure efforts in order to maximize our economic development and to ensure our Mississippi adults and youth have access to the best jobs.

As  your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Investing in our current economic development.
  • Promoting investments in job training for both skilled and unskilled jobs.
  • Promoting investments in on the job training as well as connecting our community colleges with aspiring adults and youth.
  • Promoting better connectivity between our colleges and schools.


We can never forget those that have sacrificed so much.

Kegan understands the needs of Veterans having come from a military family, you can guarantee Kegan will protect your interest in Jackson.

As  your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Working with our Veterans to ensure proper access to benefits as well as job placement.
  • Promoting Veteran access to quality medical treatment.


Mississippi Farm Families are one of our strongest assets in our district.

Agriculture makes up about 30% of the state’s workforce. We have to ensure farms security.

As  your Senator for District 8, Kegan supports: 

  • Working with farm families across Mississipi to ensure they have the tools to be sustainable.
  • Making sure farmers are able to promote safe and affordable foods to our families.

Building Bridges for an even better Mississippi!


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